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88 Hotspring Resort and Spa

88 Hotspring Resort and Spa
9061 National Highway Bagong Kalsada, Calamba, Laguna

Contact Number
+632 5464337
+632 8040608
+632 5844788
+632 8040608


Set in the beautiful spa town of Calamba, Laguna and just 40 miles South of Manila is the place where luxury infuses with tradition. This is 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa. Looking for a place to live in and have a business at the same time? Look nowhere for The Inheritance Resort is the best property for you. 

Built at the base of the legendary Mount Makiling, our resort makes for a relaxing experience. Be in close proximity to lush rainforests and the largest lake in the Philippines, Laguna de Bay. At 88 Hotspring Resort, the outdoor spa area spreads out to ten outdoor pools surrounded by well-maintained landscape and shaded by scattered palm & coconut trees. It’s time to leave the city behind you. Relax, unwind and renew your body and soul in your own tropical oasis.

This property is located at Springdale Garden Subdivision, Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna situated almost at the foot of famous Mount Makiling. Behind the resort is the commercial lot where development is starting to rise. Accessibility wise, it is 10 minutes away from SM Calamba, grocery stores, public market, hospitals northbound and southbound while 6 lots away from Korean 88 Hotspring Resort and Spa.

Established in 2013 of March, The Inheritance Resort is a modern asian inspired hot spring resort with 5 bedrooms, a spacious pavilion, a 360 sq.m landscaped vacant lot and a residential house giving it a total lot area of 1080 sq.m. including the huge parking area that can accommodate up to 11 vehicles.

Another good thing about this property is the location providing a beautiful scenery of the mountain, fresh morning breeze and peaceful surroundings. At night time, the lightings of 88 Resort also gives an amazing view. The subdivision has a 24/7 security guard making it safe, distinctly relaxing and pleasant to stay for the residents and guests.

This resort is well managed and marketed giving a number of returning guests/customers on top of the new inquiries. The Facebook page and other social media accounts will be turned over to the new owner and membership from where most bookings are gained is retained. All items in the resort and most from the house are included upon buying the property. This means that the new owner may operate the business right away.

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