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Doljo Beach

Doljo Beach is a coconut tree-lined, white sand beach located in Barangay Doljo on the island of Panglao. The island is situated on the northwest part of Bohol. This beach is three kms across and is yet to be fully explored and developed. It has a gradual slope which makes it very suitable for small children to play in. The beach is also known for it's lovely and unusual seashells.

There are also numerous fascinating dive spots that can be found in Doljo beach. Some of the most frequented dive spots are The House Reef and The Point Reef. These spots are home to a wide variety of corals and marine life. During the time of year when southwest monsoon winds are at it's heaviest, snorkel diving is the recommended choice of activity.

There are numerous resorts in Doljo beach which offer affordable rates and it is wise to visit their website first and look into their rates before going on your way.

Bohol, Philippines 

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