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Amenia Beach

Amenia Beach in Philippines is a reeling with the textures of sun, sea, and sand, one can easily lose oneself and be drifted away while leisurely walking along the stretch of its powdery white sands and dabbling in its undeniably tamed waters. The entire stretch of the shoreline beckons visitors to take a dip in its pristine waters and wave combed sands. The well-manicured landscape by itself is so inviting for a relaxed, laid back retreat. Ideal for family and office outings.

Twin Rocks

Twin Rocks is a splash in waters of incredible clarity beneath which lie sanctuaries of rich and colorful marine life. Its underwater coral formations offer an added adventure for spear fishing and snorkeling. Scuba diving, either as a fun-filled introduction or a recreational dive, is a very promising activity in this resort.

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