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Islas de Gigantes Tour

Islas de Gigantes Tour

Boat transfer from Carles to Isla Gigantes, back and forth
2 Days 1 Night Accommodations
Eat all you can lunch (3 meals--lunch, dinner, breakfast)
Seafood spread like there's no tomorrow

Ginataang crabs
Steamed scallops
BBQ scallops
Steamed crabs
Steamed wasay-wasay
Pinakas na isda (deep-fried and breaded fresh fish)
Tinolang isda (fresh fish soup)
Lukos sinugba (grilled squid)
Sinugbang isda (grilled fish)

Island Hopping private boat
Bonfire beach party or dinner under the stars
All entrance fees
Environmental fees
Life jackets
Exceptional Tour Guides
Hassle-free travel experience
Child-friendly environment, accommodations and services

Yes, we have access to Globe and Smart in Isla Gigantes. And yes, there is Internet in special places. In fact, I am posting this ad from the island.
Yes, we have 24 hour access to electricity, thanks to our solar-powered and diesel-fueled generators.
Yes, our beach front is white sand, in fact, you'll love our bonfire beach party under the stars. No thorny shells.
Yes, you will enjoy the islands with our hassle-free travel experience commitment, powered by our love of the islands.
Yes, you will be served more than you can eat seafood
And we don't mean "sardinas" when we say seafood.
Yes, we may not be the cheapest, but we may be the best.

Our package rate per person is P1,999.
Please contact 0947 844 9399 for more information and look for Ms. Max

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