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Tahub Beach

Tahub beach is a newly opened resort with idyllic white sand beachfront in one of the secluded cove Caramoan. A perfect place to relax,rejuvenate,and escape the hot and cramming city life. A place to be slow and go back again to the outdoor.. Sleep by the beach under the stars, enjoy the solititude of being alone with mother nature. Just you and your loved one. Simply a paradise! A place where nature is at its very best that can enhance more love and romance and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain in Laguna. Splash Mountain Resort is a Hot Spring Resort at Los BaƱos, Laguna.

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(02) 8897140
(02) 8896752
(02) 5208365 to 66
(049) 5366399 to 6400



Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort

Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort  is a working coconut plantation founded in 1872. Situated in the boundary of Tiaong, Quezon and San Pablo City, Laguna and owned by the Escudero Family, it was opened to the public in 1980 and since then has become a popular destination for foreign and local tourists who want to experience Philippine culture and history in a beautiful rural setting. 

A convenient and refreshing respite from the hustle and bustle of urban living, guests may relish a variety of fun filled activities and a totally unique rustic experience. Be welcomed with a warm greeting and a fresh tropical drink and be toured around the plantation’s rural village and chapel on a kalabaw driven carriage. Be astonished by a visit to the Aera Memorial Foundation which showcases the family collections made up of religious artifacts, silver alters, carrozas, Spanish galleon trade items, ceramics and Philippine dioramas. 

Enjoy a unique and memorable lunch experience featuring special Escudero family recipes at the Labasin Waterfall, a man made waterfall which also serves as a mini hydro electric power plant sustaining the whole villa. Here, guests can delight in dining under the shade of lush tropical vegetation with the waterfall as a soothing backdrop while feeling the cool spring water flowing thru their bare feet.

After lunch guests are treated to a Philippine Cultural Show at the Coconut Pavilion where they present one of the Philippines’ most renowned ethnic dance troupes as well as string and Maranao percussion bands. Afterwards, guests can try the many outdoor activities in the plantation. These include swimming in the two standard and two kiddie pools or fishing and rafting using a traditional bamboo raft exploring the scenic lake and appreciating the views of Mount Banahaw and Cristobal. 

Guests may also go bird watching, mountain biking or hiking around the plantation. For the sports enthusiasts, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts are also available. For a total countryside experience, native Filipino games like palo sebo, laro sa palayok , and pabitin, among others, may be played or simply challenge oneself in the obstacle course.

Villa Escudero really offers the busy bodies in most of us a short and simple getaway to have a glimpse of life inside a typical hacienda. Enjoy the simple pleasures and serenity of a rustic life and steal that much needed break and relaxation at Villa Escudero. 

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