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The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito, Lipa City, Batangas, is an alternative medical health center and tropical spa resort

For those of you who have come simply to visit, without any idea about the concept and philosophy of The Farm, here is an overview of what we are all about and why this unique resort was built.

Many people agree that the Universe of harmonious perfection was created by a divine force often referred to as God. If we are all a part of this divine perfection then why do so many of us suffer so much and for so many different reasons? This is a question we wish to address here at The Farm.

When asked about one’s number one priority in life, most people would invariably reply “good health” and not a flashy car, a villa, or an expensive watch. So, is good health a lottery game, an illusion, an impossible aspiration, or is it everyone’s birthright?

If good health is indeed the birthright of every person on Earth then why do we seem to have such a difficult time claiming this most precious gift? Is the gift of good health only for the affluent or is everyone entitled to good health? The answer is yes, everyone is entitled to perfect health regardless of his or her social status or current health condition.

Mission is to promote wellness and a lifestyle that is geared towards proactive health practices.
To educate and disseminate information that will foster healthier lifestyles.
To provide a haven and a sanctuary for those seeking a healing environment.
To support the needs of the local community.
To create the premiere center for information and health in Asia.

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