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Albay Places to Visit

Albay is a province of the Philippines located in the Bicol Region in Luzon. Its capital is Legazpi City and the province borders the Camarines Sur to the north and Sorsogon to the south. Also to the northeast is Lagonoy Gulf leading to the Philippine Sea, and to the southwest is Burias Pass.

Mayon Volcano is the symbol most associated with the province. This nearly perfectly-shaped active volcano forms a scenic backdrop to the capital city of Legazpi 15 kilometers to the south.

Mayon Volcano is the world's most perfect volcanic cone. It rises 2,462 meters above sea level. Viewable from almost any angle around Albay province.

Whale Sharks or Butanding is the world's largest fish inhabit the waters around Donsol town in Sorsogon. Only an hour's boat ride from Legazpi. Snorkeling and scuba diving brings you to close encounters with this giant fish.

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