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Zambales Places to Visit

The province of Zambales is located at the Western part of Luzon. It is 210 kilometers and approximately 3 hours drive away from Manila. Zambales is known to be a province of easy access. One can reach this piece of haven by land, air, or water. The Zambales road is also known to be one of the Philippines best scenic highways. Experience Zambales at its best!

Zambales’ Coastline is most famous for its white sandy beaches and deep blue sea, rich with coral reefs. One of which is Potipot Island and Anawangin. Romantics may relish the drama of spending a day at Capones Island, peering through the lighthouse solitary window, and reflecting on the Luzon vista. Not to miss the breathtaking views of the panoramic surroundings of Pundaquit while waiting for the sunset in Silanguin Bay.

For adventure seekers, Sagrada Familia Cave is the best spot! It has an enigmatic topography lurking inside: waterfalls, swimming ponds, and various rock formations that will astound anybody.

Your sojourn will not be complete without attending the annual Mango Festival that features street dancing, float parade, mango picking, dulce de mangga showcase and a one- week all night long party. Other festivals are the Domorokdok Festival, Singkamas Festival and Subic Ay! The Ina Poonbato pilgrimage is also celebrated during the 24th day of January.

The world renowned Mount Pinatubo can be found at the vicinity of the province. It has created a crater-lake and brought about a vast region of awe-inspiring lahar formations.

Zambales is historical. The ancestral house of the most loved president, President Ramon Magsaysay is situated at Castillejos, bringing back fond memories of great service and leadership.

Zambales mangoes are found to be the sweetest mangoes all over the world. The sweet tooth should not miss the pastillas, candy made of fresh carabao milk. Ultimate companion for mangoes are the best suman sa ibos and bibingka. Another product of Zambales is the Pinatubo Ash ware, the prolific creativity that transformed lahar into decorative items.

Zambales is perfectly suited for visitors, seeking the authentic Philippines’ view without going far from Manila. Of course, it showcases a healthy helping of the wondrous Filipino hospitality. ZambaleƱos have ready smile, no matter what time of the day. Mabiyay ka ZambaleƱo!

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