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Calle Aguas Resort in Calaguas Island

Calle Aguas Resort in Calaguas Island

Calaguas Island Tour Itinerary
3D2N - Paracale-Calaguas Tour with a Purpose Promo.

Day Zero
8pm - Bus transport from Cubao to Batobalani, Paracale via Superlines. Approximate travel time is 8 to 9 hours. Wifi available, fare estimate is at 515 pesos each.

Day One
4am - ETA at Batobalani Transient House. Meal 1 Breakfast
5am - Off to Paracale Port Buhangin free tricycle transport
5:30am - ETD to Calaguas Island via boat, approx travel time is 1 and 1/2 hour. Paracale mining site viewing,ocean viewing, island viewing, sunrise viewing and water splashes experience
7am - ETA at Mahabang Buhangin Beach, Calaguas Island, Calle Aguas Resort.
8-11am - Free time. beach resort activity, swimming, bumming, katig hopping, beach walking, volleyball, kayaking, rock formation viewing and trekking area viewing
12nn - Lunch - Meal 2 - Buffet style ala Calle Aguas Resort, food is refillable
1-6pm - Free time, guest preference activity, or trekking and sunset viewing at the beach.
7pm - Dinner - Meal 3
8pm - night activity: swimming, star gazing, beach walking or fellowshipping.

Day Two
5AM - Wake up call, coffee party, early morning swimming, sunrise viewing/photography (best location is at the top of the trekking area or at the Calle Aguas Resort). Note: sun rises at the back of Calle Aguas Resort not at the beach and sets at the left side of Mahabang Buhangin beach. Trekking is highly recommended, find out why? Cellphone signal is only available upthere.
7am - breakfast - Meal 4
8-11am - guest preferrence activity, free time
12nn - Lunch - Meal 5
1-6PM - free time, community walk at Brgy. Mangcawayan and its port, trekking at Sitio Tinago, sunset photography
7pm - Dinner - Meal 6
8PM - Night activity: fire dance show , fellowshiping

Day Three
5am - wake up call, coffe party, early morning swimming, photography.
7am - breakfast Meal 7
8am - island hopping
12nn - Lunch - Meal 8
1pm - prepare to depart back to Paracale.
1:30pm - ETD to Paracale
3:30pm - ETA at Batobalani Transient House (guest coordinator's house), tricycle transport free. free wash up, prepare things, free use of comfort rooms, shower room, blue room, pink room, unwind at the biranda, tv.
4:30pm - walking around Batobalani, oldest sea eagle in captivity viewing, gold panning and jewelry making viewing if possible, pasalubong purchases, guest book signing, photography etc...
5:30pm - Dinner - Meal 9 at Don Nacario Oco's House
6:30pm - ETD to Cubao via Magayon Bus Liner

Contact Number
0932 686 4849

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