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Laguna Places to Visit

Anyone who visits the Province of Laguna will experience and capture Laguna Lake natural gifts and boundless wealth. We are surrounded by fertile gardens, abundant warm and cold springs, waterfalls, resorts, the majestic Mount Makiling, and picturesque old Churches and Houses.

Laguna has a wealth of delightful arts and crafts, from carved wooden items to woven mats to delicately embroidered fabrics, and it also offers many enticing flavors from the famous buko pie, local cheese and coconut wine, delicious tropical fruits to exotic dishes served in its many dining establishments.

Some say that Laguna, as it curves embryo like around Laguna de Bay, looks much like the heart of the Philippine archipelago. I say, indeed it is, for this is a province with a heart. Come visit us and enjoy the friendly smiles and ever-helpful local folks as you savor the different sights, sounds and flavors of Laguna.

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